Counseling Sessions

Private and personalized counseling can help anyone touched by adoption. Our therapists offer adoption expertise that recognizes the added complexity that adoption brings to families. Whether you are interested in short-term help, or ongoing therapeutic support, our experienced therapists provide specific guidance to promote effective communication and improve interpersonal relationships.

Our therapists work with all members of birth or adoptive families at any of stage of life. We can help no matter how, when or where your adoption occurred.

We can support and help you navigate how to:

  • Recognize if challenges are adoption related or a typical childhood stage
  • Develop more effective ways of managing your child's challenging behaviors
  • Help your child understand his/her adoption story
  • Build your child's self-esteem
  • Navigate an open adoption relationship between family members
  • Help yourself and your child manage learning challenges at school
  • Other challenges specific to your family

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