Background, Search and Consults

Want to see if it's possible to connect with birth family members? Interested in learning more about your background? Already have information, but unsure about next steps?

Post adoption support at The Cradle is here for you.
We start with addressing your specific needs through an Informational Consultation. Confidential and highly customized, our Informational Consultations are designed to assist any adult adopted person, birth parent or their descendants whether or not the adoption was through The Cradle.

During this 30-minute, one-on-one session, we will help you understand and assess options concerning:

  • What information is legally available to you
  • Determining whether to search and what options are available to you
  • Navigating the process and experience of connecting with birth relatives

"People often call with a quick question. There can be a lot of questions in this process. What I've found is there is rarely a quick answer; and one question often leads to another. It just makes sense to carve out time to talk - so I encourage you to make an appointment to discuss your situation with me."
- Nina Friedman, Director of Post Adoption Support

Your Informational Consultation may be in person, or over the phone, make an online appointment.

For adoptions that were specifically arranged through The Cradle, a review of our records is conducted in preparation for an Informational Consultation. For those not arranged through The Cradle, we urge you to learn more about what is legally available to you here.

We also offer Background Reports and Search and Connection Services for Cradle facilitated adoptions.

"Thank you so very much for compiling the report on my birth mother and father.  Last night [on my 53rd birthday], my family and I read your report which took us on a journey that was full of surprises.  There were tears, laughter, and revelations that will ultimately bring our family closer together through understanding who we are and where have we come from.  This is just a first step and perhaps someday we will talk once again."
-A Cradle Adoptee 

What is an informational consultation?

Video Transcript

An Informational Consultation session is available to you whether your adoption was facilitated by The Cradle or not. And within that session we can talk about what it is you’re looking for, what are some of your expectations? What services are out there, whether it is through The Cradle or somewhere else? And I can help you navigate that process, and also help you navigate the emotional process involved. Within this Informational Consultation session I can provide you some support, guidance, suggestions, advice for what your next steps are.