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February 11,2019
Your child always wants the same thing for lunch: Half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with orange slices and some carrot sticks. As it approaches noon you head to the pantry to pull out the ingredients, but something's amiss. You can't find the jar of peanut butter anywhere. Then you remember: You used the last of it yesterday.
November 15,2018
It’s no secret the adoption process is a daunting one. For many families, even the journey of making the choice to adopt can be long and emotional. Once couples arrive at The Cradle and begin the process, there are often more surprises and struggles along the way.
October 20,2018
The force was strong with The Cradle at this year's Walk for Adoption. Over 150 Cradle friends and family (our biggest Cradle Crew yet!) gathered at Lake Arlington to raise awareness for adoption in the Chicago area, as well as to help raise funds for The Cradle's Center for Lifelong Adoption Support. 
October 12,2018
National Adoption Month is upon us yet again. Though we celebrate adoption each day, November gives us a reason to focus on the importance of adoption in our lives, and say thank you to those who made it possible: from selfless birth parents to adoption counselors and beyond.
October 05,2018
As most parents who have adopted know, the process of adopting a child is long and often challenging. But, we don’t always get to see what it’s like from a different perspective: the birth parents. We spoke to expectant parent counselors at The Cradle to learn what it is like for those who make the selfless, difficult choice to place their children.
September 14,2018
Autumn is the perfect season for sensory-based activities. From colorful leaves crunching underfoot to shiny red apples and gooey pumpkin guts, it's total wonderland. It also provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the magic of changing seasons and the art and science of nature with your child.
September 07,2018
You’ve seen it on T.V and public transit advertisements, heard about it on the radio, and chances are from more than one of your friends. Since DNA testing has been made widely available and (relatively) inexpensive, it’s changed the way Americans think about their genetic history.
August 31,2018
We asked adoptive parents and birth parents: If you could go back in time and give yourself advice before starting the adoption process, what would you say? What do you wish you knew back then?