Hi! We are Tim, Kristen, Molly, Owen and Olivia, and we are so excited to add to our family through adoption. We look forward to sharing our love with another child. Our family cannot wait to add a child, grandchild, niece/nephew, cousin to share our lives with. We hope that by looking at our book, you will get a glimpse into our family life.

About Us:  We met each other while participating on our country club swim team. Tim was close friends with Kristen's sister but we soon formed our own relationship. Kristen went off to Western Illinois University a year before Tim. Tim followed a year later where we continued our relationship. Towards the end of Tim's freshman year, the two of us began to date. We both finished school in 2007 and moved back home. On Kristen's 23rd birthday, Tim proposed, and we were married a year later. Since we have been married we have enjoyed traveling by ourselves and with family. We have been to Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico and the Virgin Islands. Traveling is something we enjoy together and hope to travel with our children.One year into our marriage, we decided to start a family. After trying for a year, we both agreed to see an infertility specialist.  After many tests and procedures, we became pregnant with twins Molly and William. Sadly at 26 weeks, we found out we had lost our son William. We were heartbroken and we grieved this loss but carried on to care for Molly. When Molly was a year old, we decided to try the procedure again but were unsuccessful. We decided that building our family through adoption was right for us and we began working with the Cradle.  We were thrilled to add Owen to our family. About a year later, we decided to adopt again and added Olivia to our family! We now feel it is time to add to our family again because we have more love to give and look forward to having another child.

About Kristen by Tim:  Kristen is my best friend and I cannot think of not having her in my life. She is truly an amazing person. She brings a smile to my face any time I see her. Kristen is extremely caring and puts others before herself. She is the first person that would change her plans to try and help out anyone in our families. This was most evident when she decided to leave her teaching position to focus on caring for Molly full-time. She is an incredible mother. Watching her with Molly, Owen, and Olivia; I can't help noticing how natural it is to her. She also should be commended for having to put up with my nerdy and childish ways from watching the Discovery Channel, dressing up as Star Wars characters for Halloween, or my love of Legos and my other childhood toys, she is right there with me having fun as well.

About Tim by Kristen:  Tim is the love of my life. He makes me laugh every day. He can get me to giggle even if I am not having a good day. He is always there when I need to lean on him, and he is so in tune to what his family needs. I love that Tim is a handy man. He is able to fix things around the house and able to build things. Tim is also a very romantic person. I love that we can have a date night just sitting on the couch and watch a movie or grocery shopping together and holding my hand. I love that he makes me feel that I am doing a great job when I am home with Molly, Owen, and Olivia. He lets me know I am a wonderful mom, wife, and person. Tim is a wonderful father and loves spending as much time as he can with the kids and me. He can be silly with them and gets them both to laugh like nobody else can.

Molly:  Molly was born in Aurora eight weeks early. She stayed in the hospital NICU for a total of four weeks. Once home Molly continued to thrive as an infant and even though delayed, she was able to meet all her milestones by age one. Molly is a fun loving, silly, go with the flow, snuggly little girl. She loves playing with her siblings, cousins, and friends, especially outside on her playground. Molly also enjoys play dates at the zoo, ballet class, going to the pumpkin farm, apple orchard, and the splash pad. Molly is ready to be a Big Sister again as she shows it by caring for her siblings.

Owen:  Owen was born right on time! Tim and I had the honor of being at the hospital when he was born. We were able to stay with him until he was able to go home and meet his big sister. Owen is a thriving little boy who is strong, loving, independent, and silly. He enjoys climbing, running, being on the go, and is very observant. Owen loves his big sister and wants to do all that she does, and he loves teaching his little sister new things. He is ready to be a big brother again!

Olivia:  We brought Olivia home from the Cradle Nursery.  She is a caring, smart, brave, sassy, and loving little girl.  She is extremely independent and wants to do everything for herself.  She wants to be a big sister very much, as she always tries to care for her younger cousins, our pets, and her dolls.  She might just be the most excited person in the world when it comes to us adopting again. 

Openness and Diversity:  We look forward to having a relationship with you as your child grows. We are open to having a relationship as open or as closed as you are comfortable with. Emails, phone calls, visits, and letters are some of the ways we are happy to do to keep you in your child’s life. Through Owen's adoption we were in the hospital when he was born and were able to stay until he left the hospital with us. We have contact with his birth mother on a regular basis through text, phone calls, and 2 in person yearly visits. We adopted Olivia when she was almost 2 months. We contact with her birth parents through emails and visits a few times a year. We feel that having an open relationship is very beneficial for all of us. It helps a child understand who they are and where they came from and it helps your child with questions they may have. We also feel it is important for you to know they are happy, healthy, and taken care of.  We are open to all races and ethnicities. We are a family that has many different ethnicities within it. We have nieces and nephews who are Hispanic and Native American. Our families are extremely supportive and will welcome any child into their lives with open arms. We also have friends who come from different backgrounds. The city we live in has a very diverse population, so  being an conspicuous family would not be out of the ordinary.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and getting to know our family. We wish you nothing but the best on your journey as you consider your options. We are extremely excited to be expanding our family through adoption with the Cradle.




Fun facts

Fun Facts about Kristen:
  • Favorite Food:  Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Favorite Candy: Caramel Creams
  • Favorite Holiday:  Christmas
  • Activities:  Biking, Tennis,
  • Favorite Music:  Oldies
  • Favorite Vacation Location:  Disney World
  • Has a Degree in Early Childhood Education


Fun Facts about Tim:
  • Favorite Food:  Kristen’s Lasagna 
  •  Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids
  •  Favorite Holiday:  Thanksgiving
  • Activities:  Golf, Biking, Pool time,
  • Favorite Music:  Alternative
  • Favorite Vacation Location:  Germany
  • Has a Degree in Business Management, along with an MBA

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