Imagine pulling up to a stoplight and looking over witnessing two people singing at full volume.

“Don’t stop… Believin’. Hold on to the feeeeeeelin’. Streetlight. People. Ohh-Ohhh-Ohhhhhhhh!”

You might think, man, these people need voice lessons, or do they care that everyone else can hear them? But, if you take a second look, you might think…Wow, these people really know how to have a good time!

We’ve engaged in car karaoke many times, but it wasn’t until we looked in the backseat and realized we were ready for some backup singers. We’ve enjoyed our journey with each other thus far.  We are ready to build a family and extend our fun-loving, charismatic personalities to someone we will love and watch grow into their own.

The story of us began from an introduction through our mutual friend.  There was an initial spark between us but our paths were heading in a different direction so we spent the first two years knowing each other as friends.  It wasn’t until 2011 that we happened to be in the same place at the same time and something just connected between us.  Hollie was more hesitant at first but after Bobby’s persistence, we got out of the friend-zone and began our journey as a couple.  We got married in August of 2014 and bought our first house together in August 2016 in the beautiful, quiet neighborhood of our dreams, where we have enjoyed making it our forever home.

Through our journey, we found that we have many similarities in our personalities and our interests that we get along in whatever we do.  Where we both have weaknesses, the other compliments those weaknesses with their strengths.  Our personalities are energetic, silly, loud, and positive.  We are always laughing which keeps us going in our everyday lives.  Some of our favorite activities we enjoy together are traveling, watching sports games, taking walks, rollerblading, and going on long bike rides in the evening. 


We’ve been on the same page about adoption since day one and no other way has felt more right than adopting a child and raising them together. We feel that through open adoption, we can keep the lines of communication open. It is our hope that our child can know where they come from and have an outlet for any questions that may arise throughout their life. We have been open on our decision with family and close friends. They have embraced our adoption with open arms.

Our Family:

We are very fortunate to have the majority of our family, both immediate and extended nearby.  Family is one of the most important part of both our lives and we take every opportunity we have to hang out together and make memories.  Our parents enjoy coming over to help us around the house with new homeowner projects, dinner parties, and firepits in the backyard.  We know they are anxious for us to begin our family and have been so supportive of our decision to adopt.  Our siblings are not only our siblings but also our best friends.  We couldn’t ask for a better support system from our family.  We know our children will have the best grandparents, aunts and uncles because we enjoy spending time with each and every one of them. 

Our Values:

Family values are very important to us and what we learned as children growing up will reflect on the way we raise our children.  Both our families were supportive in the decisions we made and didn’t push us to like one thing vs another.  Instead we got to try multiple sports and activities until we both landed on something we liked.  Knowing our children may have different interests from us, we want them to explore and try multiple activities/hobbies until they find their passion as we did. 

We have built a solid foundation for our future children through the strength of our relationship that extends through our family and friends.  Our support system is huge and with all the love and good times we share in our everyday lives, we are anxious to begin our family and let all the fun begin!

We are appreciative of everything that has happened in our lives thus far. We would love nothing more for your consideration.

Fun facts

  • Played collegiate soccer at the University of Illinois
  • Favorite Travel Destination: Hawaii to visit her brother
  • She likes to make up her own interpretive dance moves to EVERY song
  • She’s a Cubs fan
  • PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Math is her strong suit
  • Loves animals. If she could, she would have a pet dolphin.
  • Loves all winter activities – Skiing & playing ice hockey
  • Best cook ever – according to Hollie
  • Outdoorsman – Landscaping, camping, bonfires, & fishing
  • He’s a White Sox fan
  • TACOS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Creative thinking is his strong suit
  • There is nothing better than a good laugh

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