We don’t pretend to know you or your journey, and we won’t pretend like this will be easy.

But what we want you to know is that we are humbled and honored by the opportunity to be the best teachers and champions of our blessing from you, and would embrace the opportunity to become a part of your life and you, in ours.

Our Family’s Story

It started with a Facebook message (how 21st century of us!).  In 2014, Nathan messaged Eric to invite him to a dinner with an out-of-town mutual friend. When Eric walked into the bar and locked eyes with Nathan, an undeniable energy ignited.  After a night of dancing (yes, Nathan has some moves), we said our goodbyes.  A few weeks later we went on our first date . . . Sunday brunch, of course!  And three years later, we walked down the aisle of the Home Alone church and tied the knot!

We’ve spent a lot of time navigating our differences (we’re sure you can guess a few!).  What makes us different is what is going to make our family’s story so special and so much fun!  Nathan (the life of the party) will invite way too many kids to a sleepover and buy all the sugary treats, and Eric will plan all the activities minute-by-minute.  When our kid has their first heartbreak, Nathan will listen and give endless hugs, while Eric will search for the most appropriate Beyoncé song to play for the family ice cream breakup party.  When high school algebra kicks in, Eric will google for the best tutor in town, while Nathan will stay up all night googling how to help with homework (not surprising as Nathan is a high school administrator!).  Our approach to parenting will be different, but together as a team, we will make sure our child feels secure, loved, and free to be whoever they are supposed to be.

Eric: From Nathan’s Eyes

Eric is a fantastic partner and will be a terrific father!  He will be the one to plan a fun-filled Disney vacation with daily activities carefully selected for the three of us.  He will be our child’s biggest cheerleader, sending them encouraging texts to get through the day.  He will sense when our child is having a tough day and will sit beside them, listen and help them turn that frown into a smile—probably by joking or scaring our child.  (I will need to teach our child some survival strategies here!). 

Eric will celebrate our child’s achievements, and sometimes disappointments over walks to Dairy Queen or encouraging post-it notes on the bathroom mirror.  He will create a safe space in our home for our child to explore their own dreams, desires, and personality so that they can fully discover themselves.  He loves to ask questions to help people grow.  (Sometimes, too many questions; but, I did marry a lawyer!).  In Eric’s eyes (and mine), family will always come first.

Nathan: From Eric’s Eyes

Nathan is my Mr. Rogers (but of course, cuter and younger!) with a splash of the Energizer Bunny.  He is the most compassionate person I have ever met.  He carries your pain as if it was his own, he gives unselfishly of his time as if it were unlimited, he seeks to understand as if he has no prejudgments.  His heart is pure.  And his intentions are grounded in love.

Nathan is going to be the dad who is extremely patient in teaching how to tie shoes (over and over), and who lets our child win in board games (unless the prize is ice cream).  He’ll be the dad who secretly cries when our child is bullied, and the one who tells our child to show love and kindness even to the mean kids.  He will make sure we make and keep family traditions (and take tons of pictures!). 


For us, openness is as clear a choice as adoption.  You are the beginning of this child’s journey, and we want you to be on that journey forever.  We promise to respect how you decide to experience that journey and how much contact you desire at various stages depending on whatever might be going on in your life at different times.  What openness looks and feels like will change over time we’re sure, but with each new chapter, we promise to open our hearts to you.  

Some of our closest friends have adopted children, and the person who introduced us was adopted.  From them, we have learned the importance of openness to not only birth parents, but to the child.  We promise to always be honest with our child about their beginning, and to support them as they make sense of it all.  We expect there will be questions, and we are committed to exploring the answers together. 

We are excited and committed to this new journey, wherever it may take all of us.

Our Promises to You

  1. To see you, to hear you, to value you; because you matter to us.
  2. To meet you where you are with each step of your journey, with the understanding that your journey (like ours) is unknown.
  3. To embrace you as a member of our family.

Our Promises to Our Child

  1. To support our child in stretching into and living out their God-given potential.
  2. To allow our child to fall forward, with us standing near anxiously waiting for a cry for help to get back up.
  3. To be the loudest, most obnoxious cheerleaders of our child’s dreams.
  4. To provide a structured, safe household where our child feels free to be themselves.
  5. To make sure they wear lotion every day; we will be thanked later!
  6. To constantly remind them that they are loved and worthy.

Our Hope

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about our lives.  We are filled with so much joy and excitement to become fathers together!

We hope you find peace in the next steps of your journey, and would welcome the opportunity to get to meet you!

Fun facts

  • Favorite Music: Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, anyone ratchet (e.g., Cardi B, Jeezy, Yo Gotti)
  • Favorite Movies: The Wizard of Oz, Girls Trip
  • Favorite Sweets: Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids
  • Favorite TV Shows: Real Housewives of Atlanta, Insecure
  • Favorite Food: My Mom’s Collard Greens (with hot sauce!)
  • Favorite Music: U2, Avicii, Calvin Harris, House, 80s
  • Favorite Movies: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; Stand By Me
  • Favorite Sweets: M&Ms, Oreos, Reese’s, and anything caramel
  • Favorite TV Shows: Brothers and Sisters, Shark Tank
  • Favorite Food: Breakfast for dinner

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